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Brita Filter Collection

Brita Filter Collection

Our Brita Filter Kettles incorporate advanced filtration technology that goes a long way to make a better tasting hot drink. All of our Brita Filter Kettles are sleek and stylish in design, ready to make a style statement in any kitchen.

Purity Glass Brita Kettle20760-10

RRP: 6999

Purity Plastic White Kettle22851

RRP: 4799

Includes Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridge

The Brita Maxtra+ Filter reduces the build up of limescale* in the kettle, removes chlorine and permanently absorbs copper and lead.

Cleaner, clearer, better tasting tea and coffee

The advanced Brita Filter technology makes the water you use free from impurities, which can make your tea or coffee taste better**